Marge Maida Heminway

Graphic Designer

Everyone always asks…how do I see the role of graphic design in marketing?

After years in corporate design and branding, I have a strong faith in design’s ability to move the message forward in both marketing and sales. It’s not just about aesthetics – although I firmly believe in functional beauty – it’s about using design to make something happen.

Why did I leave a cushy corporate job to start my own design company?

Smaller companies with diverse products and services were springing up in Fairfield County and that new energy created a need in the market for design that was both accessible and operating at a higher level. That was the idea: to be as nimble and energetic as my small business clients while delivering high-end design.

What did I learn from my corporate experience?

As an Art Director at Prescients, a strategic branding agency servicing clients such as IBM, IMS Health, Gartner, NPD, NFO Worldwide and Pitney Bowes, I worked with everything from conceptualization to design and implementation of full-scale brand identity programs to internet initiatives to corporate publications and marketing materials… in every form imaginable. And my experience at Cuisinart supported the full customer relationship with the brand and its products. This experience provided in-depth knowledge and understanding of both the B2B and B2C sectors.

It all adds up to a facility and respect for the role of the visual – in all its expressions — in creating exceptional brand value. The overriding lesson? If it doesn’t add to the brand value, it isn’t good design.

a final word…

I am proud to say that Maida Design has thrived on referrals as the business growth engine. I take great pride in the quality communications I create and the relationships I foster. An ability to craft innovative visual solutions to achieve each client’s strategic objectives makes for unique and successful designs… and successful brands.

I love what I do, and nothing beats working with people who feel the same way about their businesses.

Call if you’d like to do some great work together!